My birth.

Here it is. After this i got my stiper, but its another story
At left is Crono and right is his brother Clava. Theyre twins.

Well.. Hi. See ya next time.


Shula: Look! Snow every where!

Shula: I go uo.. Uf..buff. Huf.

Jenni: Be carefull in there, you will get sick in that outfit.

Shula: No i wont! I make snowangels!

Jenni: I know youre in catmode, but arent you cold?

Shula: Well.. Umm.. Litlle. *sneeze*

Jenni: Ok trooper, that does it. Were going back in and you go straight to bed.

Shula: Snif. coff. I dont reget anything.


Jule cards

Shula: "What youre doing?"

Jenni: "Jule cards for family and frieds."

Shula: "Can i help?"

Jenni: "Of course, would you give me one of those star stickers?"

"And then tell me where we put it."

Shula: "There. Can we put more stars there and there?"

Jenni: "After youre colored it, we put text in it and then its ready."

Shula: "Were ready! Can we make another one?"


Hi everyone.

I'm Shula. My name means flame in arabic and i'm muse.
I came to this strange world of yours to see how things realyl happens. Ive meeted nice people ans not so nice people.

Oh, and before we star, i have to tell you something. Im doll, Ball-jointed-doll to be exact. I live in Finland whit my owner Jenni and couple other dolls. But after this i wont be using word doll when speaking about us.

Got it? Here's link to get you know some more: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ball-jointed_doll

Bye for now, i will be back soon whit pictures and story's.